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Important Current Affairs 8th July 2018

Important Current Affairs 8th July 2018

Current Affairs 8th July 2018: NATIONAL NEWS

Central Human Resource Development Prakash Javadekar will inaugurate the 17th World Sanskrit Conference in Vancouver, Vancouver
●        Central Human Resource Development Shri Prakash Javadekar will inaugurate the 17th World Sanskrit Conference to be held in Vancouver, Vancouver from July 9 to July 13, 2018.
●        Over 500 scholars and delegates from over 40 countries will participate in this conference and exchange their knowledge by presenting research papers on various topics.

Twitter closes 70 million fake accounts in 2 months
●        Twitter has closed seven million fake accounts.
●        In the months of May and June, the company identified special accounts that had more than double the number of trolls and rumors to close the accounts.
●        During the last few months, 10-10 lakh accounts were closed in a day.

CBI to seek services of banking and tax experts in investigating financial scandals
●        Central Bureau of Investigation will seek the help of banking and tax experts in the investigation of financial scams of crores of rupees.
●        The CBI has urged other ministries to send their banking and tax experts on deputation.
●        At this time the CBI is investigating the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam of 13,000 crore rupees and several other financial scandals.
Uttar Pradesh khadi products will also be available on Flipkart after Amazon
●        After Amazon , now Flipkart is going to start selling online of Khadi products in Uttar Pradesh soon.
●        Amjogon India had signed MoU with the Khadi and Village Industries Board of Uttar Pradesh in February this year, after which educated and trained to sell their products directly to the Khadi artisans living in Amazon India Uttar Pradesh villages. Enabling tax.
●        Chief Secretary, Khadi and Village Industries Navneet Sehgal told that the Uttar Pradesh government is also talking to Flipkart, enthused by the heavy sale of khadi products at Amazon.

Cabinet approves revision of compensation on SESF operations of Boeing 747-400 aircraft
●        Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Committee of Economic Affairs of the Union Cabinet has approved 10% annual increase for the maintenance of the B-747-400 aircraft.
●        With this, the expenditure on special additional sector flight operations has been increased to Rs 336.24 crore for 2016-17 and tax has been increased to Rs 534.38 crore and tax has been taxed.

Current Affairs 8th July 2018: RANKING

In case of money deposited in Swiss banks, India is at number 73
●        India is ranked 73th in Swiss bank deposits.
●        These figures have been issued by the Swiss National Bank.
●        According to the SNB, by the end of 2017, about seven thousand crore rupees of Indians were deposited there.
●        It has increased 50 percent and this amount has now increased to 7 thousand crore.

Current Affairs 8th July 2018: GLOBAL

Japanese rocket crashed after 10 seconds of launch
●        A rocket developed by a Japanese entrepreneur crashed after 10 seconds of flying on Saturday.
●        It was developed by private company Interstellar Technologies.
●        After this unmanned rocket named Momo 2 went up to about 10 meters, it came back to the ground in the form of a fireball.

First time in Pakistan, a Sikh man got the news anchor job
●        A Sikh has been kept as an anchor in an Urdu news channel, public news in Pakistan.
●        This is the first time a person from a Sikh religion has been given this job in a Muslim country.
●        Harmeet Singh Khyber is a resident of Chaksar town in Pashtoonkhwa province.
International Organization FATF puts Pak in Gray List

●        France's Financial Action Task Force on terror funding has included Pakistan in the Gray List.
●        Welcoming FATF's decision, the Indian Foreign Ministry said that Pakistan had assured the implementation of FATF standards.
●        But Pak terrorists failed to stop funding.
Malaysia allowed Zakir Naik to stay in country
●        The controversial Islamic cleric Zakir Naik met the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Saturday.
●        Mahathir Mohamad turned down the demand for extradition of Naik of the Indian government on Friday.
●        Zakir is accused of giving terrorist activities and hate propaganda.Global 

Former PM Najib arrested in Malaysia for corruption
●        Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak arrested on Tuesday by anti-corruption squad from his house.
●        Najeeb has been charged with transferring $ 700 million in his personal account from the government company 1 Malaysia Development Berhad.
●        On May 25, the police raided a luxury apartment in Razak.


Maldives-Pakistan deal in power sector

●        Pakistan and the Maldives have signed MoUs for formulating infrastructure in the power sector.
●        This move of the Maldives is believed to be a shock to India.
●        Earlier, Maldives had returned one of the two helicopters given by the New Delhi side.
Turkey sacked 18,000 military and civil servants in emergency
●        The Turkish government has ordered to sack 18 thousand soldiers and civil servants.
●        This order will affect about 9 thousand police officers, 6 thousand armed forces personnel and one thousand civil servants of the Ministry of Justice.
●        Turkey is telling it the last command of emergency.

Current Affairs 8th July 2018: SPORTS

After 12 years, England qualified for the football World Cup quarter-finals
●        England reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup after 12 years.
●        His match against Sweden is on Saturday.
●        2018 Football World Cup is being played in Russia.

Deepa Karmakar wins gold

●        After almost two years back in the game, Deepa Workman of India won gold medal in the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup.
●        Deepa won the Gold Medal in the Vault event of this tournament held in Turkey's Murshin city on Sunday.
●        The 24-year-old Tripura Gymnast was at the fourth place in the 2016 Voltage event of Rio Olympics.
●        On Sunday, he won gold medal with 14.150 points.
●        In the qualification round, he topped with 13,400 points.

Current Affairs 8th July 2018: ECONOMY

Public Sector Banks want to raise 50,000 crore equity capital
●        Public sector banks have planned to raise Rs 50,000 crore from the capital market in the current financial year.
●        Banks will raise this capital for capital expansion and raise capital base and comply with global risk rules.
●        These banks need a lot of capital because they have a burden of NPA of Rs 10 lakh crore.