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RBI Assistant Salary Work Culture and Promotion

RBI Assistant Salary Work Culture and Promotion – Get details of RBI assistant salary in hand 2017, benefits, perks, work culture, career growth and promotion

RBI Assistant Salary Work Culture and Promotion

RBI Assistant Salary Work Culture and Promotion – The central bank of India, RBI, has released the official notification recently. Interested candidates can apply for this post till 10th November 2017.

There is a total number of 623 vacancies. And it is a very good opportunity for anyone who wants to make a career in the banking sector.

Obviously, you would be interested in knowing the RBI Assistant salary, growth opportunities, and work culture.

You can find all those details below.

RBI Assistant Salary - RBI Assistant Responsibilities

1) You have to verify banking documents.

2) You have to issue the circulation of currency.

3) You have to attend to Government treasury work.

4) You have to do data entry work.

5) You have to exchange mails.

6) You have to initiate notes.

7) You have to generate reports.

RBI Assistant Salary After 7th Pay Commission - Perks and Benefits

Basic Salary

Rs.14,650/- per month


Dearness House Rent, City Compensatory Allowance, Transport Allowance

Total Salary

Rs.32,124/- per month

Working Days

Week days

Public Dealing



Quarters will be provided

RBI Assistant Salary - RBI Assistant Promotion Policy:

1) Until you get promoted to Officer level, you are not transferred.

2) An Officer level employee can not be transferred to their home state.

3) You have to have an experience of at least 3 years to be eligible for promotion.

4) As an Officer, you will be transferred after an interval of five years.

5) You will get many opportunities to be promoted on the basis of your performance and also via exams.

Comparison of RBI Assistant to other Bank POs – RBI Assistant Salary 2017

Candidates prefer the RBI Assistant post over other bank PO posts due to a large number of reasons. Some of them are listed below.

1) You will be transferred after every five years in RBI whereas it is 3 years for other bank PO posts.

2) RBI has its branches in urban regions only; all their employees are posted in urban areas. For other banks, the employees do get posted in rural areas as well.

3) There is a lot less pressure on RBI Assistants compared to other bank POs.

4) RBI has a fixed work timing of 9:15 A.M. to 5:15 A.M. whereas other banks work timing is more as they have many targets to fulfill. Number of working days are only five per week.

After promotion, an RBI Assistant qualifies to be a Base Level Assistant Manager. The next level is Middle Level Manager, after which comes Assistant General Manager. Next, you have the opportunity to get promoted to Deputy General Manager; the highest level is the General Manager post.

All the best!